Startup wants to bring AI and teenagers closer –

2020-9-24 - 33 Views

A family selects an education robot at a bookstore in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. [Photo by Wang Jiankang/For China Daily]

More efforts are needed for the popularization of artificial intelligence to teenagers, as AI is quickly moving into the education sector, according to an industry insider.

“As technologies such as AI and big data become inseparable from people’s lives, it is imperative to popularize AI education among the youth in the country,” said Xiao En, founder and CEO of Xigua Creator, an online coding startup.

However, popularizing AI has encountered bottlenecks as the youngsters do not have a good understanding what AI is and how to use it.

“What we want to do is not only enable them to learn deeply about AI but to empower their creativity,” he said.

The remarks came after the startup cooperated with Tsinghua University in launching a new book, which literally translates as 100 questions about AI for youth.

Based on surveys on children’s perspective on AI, the book focuses on many children’s confusion about AI. The book also combines AI application problems in daily life and answers many questions about the principles of the technology.


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