Inner Mongolia court investigating medical parole case –

2020-9-4 - 165 Views

The Intermediate People’s Court in Hulunbuir, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is investigating a case in which an inmate was allegedly released on parole for medical services and didn’t serve his prison term, Beijing News reported on Friday.

Batmenkh, a native from Chen Barga Banner of the autonomous region, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the crime of intentional homicide by the court in 1993, after he stabbed his friend Bai Yongchun with a knife three times, causing Bai to bleed to death, according to the report.

The same year, Batmenkh said he had hematuria and generalized edema, and his family members helped him apply for medical parole and dealt with related affairs.

After getting the release certificate in 2007, he served as a deputy to the people’s congress of the Chen Barga Banner and also worked for the local government.

In 2018, he was sentenced to three years in prison for corruption by the court in Chen Barga Banner. Given that he did not serve the previous prison term, the court decided to give him a 15-year sentence.

On Thursday the mother of Bai, the man killed in 1993, told Beijing News that Batmenkh looked healthy before and after being paroled. She questioned the parole procedure, hoping responsible persons would be held accountable, the media said.


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