Wuhan ranks 5th for digital governance development

2020-8-20 - 43 Views

Wuhan ranks 5th for digital governance development chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-08-20

Wuhan in Central China’s Hubei province ranked fifth among major domestic cities for digital governance development, according to a report jointly released on Aug 18 by China Economic Information Service, China Information Industry Association and China Academy of Urban Planning Design.

The China Urban Digital Governance Report (2020) is the first time domestic research institutions have investigated the country’s level of urban development from the perspective of the digital governance index.

The report analyzes the digital governance level of China’s top 100 cities for gross domestic product in 2019, taking into account digital infrastructure, administrative services, public services and life services.

Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Suzhou, Dongguan and Xi an are among the top 10 in the report.

The report shows that cities in Central and West China such as Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Xi an have achieved leapfrog development and become first-tier cities in digital governance. Among them, Wuhan is the front runner, taking the lead in digitalization development.

Driven by the digital economy, Wuhan residents enjoy more diversified and better quality public services. According to the report, Wuhan ranks second in the country in terms of public service level.

In recent years, an increasing number of services can be accessed online, ranging from rent payment and social security provident funding to transportation costs and provision of electronic documents.

Based on information governance, Wuhan has built a city on the cloud, with more than 800 public services now available online, including payment of water and electricity fees, phone bill payment and online balance confirmation for provident funds.

A total of 41 departments are now interconnected and sharing data, including the city’s human resources and social security, industry and commerce, and public security departments.


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