Imported COVID-19 cases discharged after recovery –

2020-8-19 - 20 Views

A total of 15 COVID-19 patients, a record number in the past three months, are discharged from the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center in Shanghai, on Aug 19, 2020. [Photo provided to]

A total of 15 COVID-19 patients, a record number in the past three months, were discharged from hospital on Wednesday after they met the latest national standards for recovery.

Before leaving, the patients also expressed their well-wishes to the healthcare workers as Wednesday marked Chinese Doctors’ Day.

All 15 Chinese patients were imported cases – 14 returned from the United Arab Emirates while one came from the Philippines, according to the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission.

None of the patients were in severe condition and they recovered after receiving anti-infection and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, the commission said.

Zhu Tongyu, director of the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, the city’s designated medical institution for COVID-19 patients, said that 820 patients, including 490 imported cases, have been treated at the facility since the first local case was received in late January. Among them, 742 patients, including 434 imported cases, have been discharged from hospital.

There are still 86 imported cases receiving medical treatment at the hospital.

Zhu said that Shanghai residents have exhibited extraordinary courage and solidarity in the collective fight against the spread of the virus over the past months.

“Meanwhile, all the healthcare workers have demonstrated selfless dedication on the frontlines to save lives. The recovery of their patients serves as the best gift for them on Chinese Doctors’ Day,” he said.

Shen Yinzhong, head of the medical department and a chief physician of infection and immunity at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, said that Shanghai has carried out and will continue carrying out closed-loop management of all inbound travelers and ensure early discovery, quarantine, and medical treatment for all confirmed and suspected patients.


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