Halal Chopsticks Episode 02: Silk Road Restaurant | govt.chinadaily.com.cn

2020-1-10 - 2 Views

A Xinjiang restaurant named Silk Road is said to be the most visited by celebrities in Beijing. So what is the magic of the restaurant with a history of 16 years? This new episode of Halal Chopsticks explores that question.

Xinjiang cuisine is a mixture of halal dishes and Northwest Chinese cuisine, blending with the culinary culture of Muslims. Halal beef and mutton are most eaten.

Grilled stuffed buns are a must-have staple on the dinner table and favored by all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. The restaurant bakes a limited daily supply of 200 buns that always falls short of demand.

The fillings are minced meat out of mutton and onions, seasoned with salt, cumin, and black pepper; the buns taste tender but not greasy.

There are also many other special dishes at Silk Road. Watch the video to learn how delicious they are!


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